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Rutgers Exams 2022


The Rutgers final exams are distributed at Pequannock Township High School digitally through the Rutgers application. Two tests are given per testing date for juniors, one test per day for seniors. In order to take the test, you must have an end of year average of a ”C” or above and pay the Rutgers fee of $80 per test. Below are the instructions for making the payments. Payments for all exams are due no later than April 29th2022.

Registering for tests:

1. Check with your course teachers to confirm which tests you should register for. 

2. Submit payment in the amount of $80 per test. The Dynamics of Healthcare (Juniors) and Anatomy and Physiology II (Seniors) tests will be covered by MCVSD and do not need to be paid for. 

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Thursday June 2nd, 2022
Thursday June 9th, 2022

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